Customer feedback

“I’ve been using nutraquin+ for 4 weeks now & the difference to the quality of life for my French Bulldog is amazing. I work in a veterinary clinic and am happy to recommend this product”Jayne Kirkham
nutraquin+ has been a godsend to my two Lurchers, at 13 they’ve a new spring in their step – thank you
Helen Chambers – Somerset
“We had a good anecdote from a very sceptical conventional colleague. After being “encouraged” to try nutraquin+ for her stiffening ageing dog, by one of our receptionists who has seen excellent results with her own dog. nutravet now has another fan in the practice.  Keep up the good work.”
Oakwood Veterinary Centre, Oswestry
nutraquin+ has given my lab a new lease of life. Thank you so much. Also would like to thank you for your loyalty scheme for nutraquin+ - it is very generous of you and very welcomed by us. Keep up the good work – and we will continue to spread the word.
Louise Norval
“Many thanks to nutravet for introducing nutraquin+. We are extremely impressed with nutraquin+. The quality and purity of the ingredients have resulted in animals responding much more quickly than other products we have used in the past. We are happy to recommend nutraquin+. We have also noticed good client compliance and a very high percentage of repeat customers due to clients seeing tangible improvements in their animals’  when using this product. We highly recommend nutraquin+nutravet are the only company in the UK who do not sell to internet pharmacies and therefore support veterinary practices only, this is another reason why we support nutravet and their product range.”
Mr Kevan Judge BVSc MRCVS
Shearbridge Veterinary Group
“My own dog Holly who is 13.5 years old has been stiffening up for a couple of years and showed some improvement initially with Synoquin and Seraquin but then went back to plodding slowly again. However, two weeks after starting with nutraquin+ she was trotting down the farm tracks again and now she is on her second box, she is bounding across fields again really happily – It has taken years off her! I’m really happy with the product”
Mrs Barbara Jones BVMS MRCVS
Oakwood Veterinary Centre, Oswestry
Just a quick note to say that my horse who is now 14 had to be retired recently due to Arthritis, my vet suggested nutraquin+ for her and she has now been on it 2 weeks and is a changed horse! She is so much more comfortable and almost sound. A great product highly recommended!.
Rebecca Gallagher
I can’t thank you enough at nutravet. I love my dogs and to see their quality of life improve so much is just magical. keep up the great work!Kindest regardsLinda,
Alfie and Rocky x

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